Love Notes from Nature

a personalized plan from Nature + Spirit created especially for you


The essence of Nature is harmony, healing + Love.

Experience more of each with Flower Essences + Essential Oils.

Partnering with Nature as a pathway for healing connects you with the Earth’s ancient wisdom + energies. The flowers, plants and trees are the original medicine of the Earth. Since the earliest days of humanity, nature has been supporting us in all areas of our lives – providing food, fibers, dyes, pigments, shelter, fuel, and remedies to support healing.

The beauty of this partnership lies in the inherent intelligence of nature to harmonize, heal, restore and renew. When you consciously work with Flower Essences and Essential Oils, you are aligning yourself with the vibrations and frequencies of Love and Light to support your health and well-being: body, emotions, mind and spirit.

There’s so much information out there…

Where to Begin?

Essential Oils in particular have become very popular in the past few years. It is a wonderful thing to see so many people embracing Nature as a way to support the health and well-being of their families and themselves!

But as with most things that become popular, there is now a massive amount of information available. Sometimes this info comes from excellent, well-informed sources and other times it may not be as rooted in substance.

Your Notes from Nature customized plan can give you the clarity you need.

You’ll receive recommendations directly from Nature + Spirit that are specific to you and what you most need for supporting greater health and harmony in your self and your life.

Why Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are created by infusing electrical patterns – and the inherent wisdom gathered over millennia of evolution – from the plant into water. The essences are typically preserved using brandy or vinegar in order to keep them safe for consumption and free of bacterial growth.

Each Flower Essence works to impart you with its specific vibrational patterns so that your body’s natural healing abilities are harmonized and supported. This occurs on all levels of your being – physical/etheric, astral/emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic.

Affordable + Easy to Use

Flower Essences are typically priced under $15 for a 1/2 ounce size bottle. And since just a couple of drops are needed, that 1/2 ounce bottle will last for a while. You typically take them by adding drops to a glass of water or putting them directly into your mouth.

They’re an Energetic Remedy

The information within each Flower Essence works vibrationally by introducing those frequencies into your being. Through entrainment, they support a shift in your energetic makeup, which then supports your physical body in healing itself.

Safe for People + Pets

Since there is no physical plant material present in Flower Essences (unlike with an herb or essential oil), you may safely use them even if taking prescription medications. They are also excellent for supporting our dear animal companions.

Guidance from Nature + Spirit

A customized plan just for you

In partnership with Nature + Spirit, the wisdom of your Higher Self and your Highest Guides, you’ll receive recommendations and a suggested plan for what Flower Essences and/or Essential Oils would be most supportive for you at this time.

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are distilled or extracted from flowers, the skins of citrus fruits, and the berries, leaves, stems or bark of plants and trees.

It takes pounds and pounds (sometimes 1000’s of pounds!) of these natural materials to produce a small amount of precious oils.  Each has its own unique properties and thousands of complex chemical components to support healing on the physical/etheric, astral/emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic levels of your being.

Unique chemical composition

Essential oils contain 1000’s of compounds in a complex and perfectly orchestrated combination that can only be found in nature. There have been attempts to replicate essential oils in a lab (think commercial perfume oils) but the results cannot match what nature does naturally – and has for thousands of years.

Works with the limbic system

Essential oils can be used in many ways. Even if you only inhale them, rather than apply them topically, they have a powerful effect as the scent molecules alter your limbic system. Some are even successful in crossing the blood-brain barrier which can be helpful when seeking support for neurological issues.

Powerful Healing Support

Essential oils are highly concentrated – a little goes a long way. Just a few drops of therapeutic grade essential oils can have powerful results. I personally started using them in 2008, and have not taken a conventional medication since then (with the exception of ibuprofen for two days following a car accident).

Your Customized Plan

Co-created exclusively for you by Nature + Spirit in harmony with your Higher Self and your Highest Guides.

Receive guidance for dealing with your biggest health and life challenges. When you purchase Love Notes from Nature, you’ll receive a clear plan created exclusively for you, so you can begin to take action to create greater harmony in your well-being and your life.

You’ll be emailed an intake form where you’ll share your biggest challenge and your desired goals. After you submit your form, I’ll meet with Nature + Spirit, Your Higher Self, and Your Highest Guides.

During the session I share with them the information you provided, and then act as a translator and scribe for their guidance and recommendations.

Afterwards, you’ll receive:

  • Your personalized plan of suggested Flower Essences and Essential Oils
  • Insight as to how they relate to your particular issue and where you are on your life path at this time
  • Recommendations for where you can purchase the suggested Flower Essences and Essential Oils
  • Important tips and suggestions for how to safely and effectively use them

Your Personalized Plan from Nature + Spirit


**Flower Essences and Essential Oils are not included in the Love Notes from Nature price of $77.

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