Animal Communication + Energy Healing

Animals experience physical and emotional issues just like we do.

Energy healing can be the missing link needed to boost their own natural healing process. When our dear animal friends are sick or showing changes in behavior, the cause may not be obvious. Knowing how to help them can feel a lot like a guessing game.

Especially in cases of abandonment or abuse, or where conventional treatments haven’t quite resolved the issue, emotional and energetic patterns may be the underlying cause of physical or behavioral problems.

And experiences like going through the aging process, or having a change to their ‘pack’ – either with a new addition, or the loss of a beloved two or four-legged family member – can also lead to dramatic changes in health and behavior.

Wish they could tell you what’s really going on?

The good news is – they can! For more than a decade, I’ve been lucky to act as a translator for many wonderful animals. It’s been a fascinating experience, as they each have a distinct energy and ‘voice’ – which their humans tend to confirm matches their day-to-day personality and habits.

By partnering with Nature + Spirit, we’ll tune into your pet’s energy and consciousness to access healing wisdom and find the blocks that may be causing physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual disharmony. Then we’ll dissolve the patterns and open up the flow of energy to support their natural healing abilities.

Working multi-dimensionally, I may use tuning forks, Biomagnetism, stones and crystals, singing bowls, EFT, Microbial Balancing, or other practices to clear the blocks and create greater balance and wellbeing.

Receive guidance about:

  • diet
  • home environment
  • relationships with other animals or people
  • health concerns
  • processing the loss of a family member
  • moves, travel or change to routine
  • end of life transition

Schedule a session for your best friend + get them the healing support they need.

Sessions are done remotely with information you submit by email. This makes it easy for you – no specific appointment time or place to be. It also keeps the ‘human’ influence out of the equation which allows for greater clarity during a session.

Schedule a session by clicking one of the two buttons below.  After you’ve completed the payment process you will receive a welcome email with a link to the intake form.

Please fill out the intake form and submit at your convenience. After I have received the form, your pet’s session will be added to my schedule – typically within 48 hours. Once the work is complete, you’ll receive an email summary of the process, key insights, and recommendations or follow-up steps as needed.


Animal Communication + Energy Healing

Choose this option if you wish to schedule a session and receive the comprehensive email follow up report.  Session Fee: $90

Animal Communication + Energy Healing + Follow-up Call

Choose this option if you wish to schedule a session, receive the comprehensive email follow up report, AND have a 30 minute phone call to review the report and ask additional questions.  Session + Call Fee: $135


Please note:  Sometimes a session may consist of several phases done over a few days. I follow the guidance and energy of Nature + Spirit and whatever is for your animal’s highest and best good. This means I cannot say for sure how the exact process will unfold or the time frame. In cases where this happens, I do send email updates to keep you informed of how things are progressing, and when you might expect the final session notes.

Your patience with the process is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your interest! I am grateful for the opportunity to support your best friend.

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.  – Anatole France

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