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I’m Donna Herbster and I’m so very glad you’re here!

I’ve been on a journey of soul excavation + co-creative healing exploration…

And I’m delighted to share all I’ve learned – and continue to learn – with YOU! For more than 20 years, my path has been filled with powerful teachers and experiences of deep wisdom from the Earth, the Stars, and Spirit. And I am humbled and thankful for each step along the way.

Some of my adventures have included harvesting and distilling essential oils in the desert near Sedona, sound healing in Mt Shasta, shamanic healing with Nature in Switzerland, and walking labyrinths and crystal temples in New Mexico.

I have acted as a facilitator for both people and pets, translating energy and information from Spirit + Nature to provide healing tools and resources, guidance, and support.

I’m so grateful that you’re curious about this work and what it might mean for you! It is my hope that in this space you’ll discover many new possibilities to guide you toward greater health, happiness, and a clear understanding of the powerful and amazing Light you are.

me, age 2, at my gram’s house

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with flowers.

And things got really interesting when they started to talk back.
Like many kids, I was absolutely in love with nature and animals. I spent almost every daylight hour outside playing with friends, and fell instantly in love with any dog I’d meet. But as I grew up, I slipped into the very typical – and very unhealthy – habit of working too many hours and never taking time to stop and smell the flowers (literally). As I took on more and more responsibilities and lived and worked in cities, I had without even realizing it, become completely disconnected from nature.

In February 2007, after several high-pressure, sleep-deprived project deadlines, I found myself in a hospital emergency room waiting for the results of a brain scan. The fear was that I had a stroke. I am so very lucky that was not the case.

In the weeks that followed, I sought treatment from a Naturopathic Doctor and my health slowly started to improve. It also became abundantly clear that I had some important choices to make about my well-being and how I spent my time.

I was lucky and grateful to have a good foundation and lots of tools from the many holistic healing practices I’d been studying. However, the painful truth was that while I had been supporting clients to make more positive life choices for themselves, I was not taking care of myself or my health in the same way. Something needed to change.

I’ve always believed in serendipity + unexpected magic.

And it showed up in a big way in the fall of that pivotal year. I made a last minute decision to cancel weekend travel plans so I could attend an introductory training in Medicinal Aromatherapy.  It seemed illogical, but something in me knew I needed to do this.

Over those next few days, my heart gently opened and I began to detect the whispers of my body’s wisdom. The biggest gift of that weekend arrived when I discovered I could hear the flowers, plants and trees guiding me to the best remedy for each person. This changed everything.

Since then, Nature + Spirit have been catalysts for my own personal healing (including processing childhood trauma, and supporting my recovery from a serious car accident in 2015).  But the best part is that through our healing partnership, I have been blessed to act as a guide and facilitator for many people and animals as they walk their path of healing. For this, I am so very grateful, and hope to have the opportunity to do the same for you.

Some of my favorite things (+ a few random facts):

I LOVE The Great British Baking Show, checking out stacks of books from the library, digging in the dirt, crafts, glitter, and dogs…dogs are my people.

My habit of collecting stationery and handmade paper leans toward obsession (I once worked at Paper Source) + I strongly believe that the JOY of snail mail has magical powers and can change someone’s entire day.

I’m also over the moon for poppies, bunnies, French macarons, and children’s pop-up books.

While I try to be brave in most things, I am very afraid of heights. But once in a moment of courage (or insanity?) I went paragliding in Switzerland – because how often do you get to jump off a mountain in Switzerland??? (It was incredible!)

I was born in Germany, grew up in NJ, and have lived in lots of wonderful places…one of my very favorites is Santa Fe, NM. For many years my sweet dog Lily and I called the mountains of Western North Carolina home. We now live in New Jersey.

I believe that kindness can and will change the world.

Wonderful teachers + programs I’ve been fortunate to learn from:

  • Reflexology at the NY Open Center
  • Color Healing + Shamanic Training with Tama-do Academy
  • SARK
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
  • Shiloh Sophia of Cosmic Cowgirls
  • Yin Yoga training
  • Medicinal Aromatherapy with Wisdom of the Earth
  • Mindfulness + Meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Marney at ARTellaland
  • Transformational Kinesiology – Foundations thru Level 6 – with Polaris International College
  • Kelly Rae Roberts
  • Empowerment Life Coaching Certification with The Empowerment Institute
It is very important to me that I continue to study and work on my self in order to be the best facilitator possible. In my daily practice I use writing, along with flower essences, shamanic healing, essential oils, tuning forks, magnets, stones and crystals, sacred geometry, breathing techniques, color therapy and more. (And some days when things aren’t going as planned, it feels like I need ALL of them).

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 Thank you for being here!

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