Word of the Week is changing…

Word of the Week is changing…

On March 1st, 2019,

‘Word of the Week’ will become

‘Mindful Months’

Back in November, I made a big move from NC to NJ. These past few months have been filled with massive changes, and I’ve been trying to figure out how best to keep showing up to share with you, and how that might fit into what my life looks like now.

Focusing on a new word each week has felt a bit overwhelming, so I’ve decided to make it a monthly intention. This change will allow for a deeper dive into the power and possibilities of that word for a full 30 days. (Which I hope you’ll find more helpful than receiving a new word each and every week.)

We’ll begin each month with a word to focus our energy and then mindfully explore and implement that intention over the next four weeks.

Small changes over time = BIG RESULTS!


You can expect periodic updates containing guided audios, journaling prompts, bits of inspiration, and tools, tips and resources all designed to support you in creating positive changes one month at a time.


Join me for our very first Mindful Month…We begin March 1st!


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