“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” ~Rumi

All of the problems in our world can be distilled down to one core issue: the absence of LOVE. When Love is present there is peace, understanding, compassion and inclusion. There is no ‘other.’ We acknowledge and respect our shared humanity and the Light that lives in all Beings.

Today on All Hallow’s Eve, and in the days ahead, let us remember those who have passed from our physical world into Spirit. Let us honor the Dead and in so doing, honor their lives, and the life that we are gifted with today. Our time in this world is precious, let us pause to treat it as such.

A guided meditation for honoring our ancestors, sending Love into the past + supporting us in creating our future:

The current cycle of the Celtic Wheel of the Year ends tonight. And with endings, it can be helpful to go within and reflect upon what has been. To honor. To celebrate. To remember. So that we may begin the new – consciously and with Love as our guide.

  • Who is someone in my past that has had a positive influence on my life?
  • What do I remember most about them?
  • How might I honor them in a meaningful way?
  • I am grateful for _______.
  • I’m celebrating my completion of ______ this year!
  • Something that needs my attention going forward is ________.
  • As we move into the winter holidays, it’s important for me to _________.
  • Three things that have been most meaningful to me this year are _______.
  • An important moment I wish to remember always is _______.

Wishing you many Blessings as we move into a new cycle of the seasons! May we always remember that all things begin in darkness, and when Light and Love are added, growth is inevitable.

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