When life stretches you to your limit…

How can you spring back into shape rather than snap and break?

This week let’s explore Resilience.

The keys to a more resilient you: connection, meaning, and support.

Connection We are social beings. We don’t do well in isolation. Over thousands of years humans have developed as members within tribes. Yet while we currently appear to be more connected than ever, a recent survey conducted by Cigna estimates that more than half of Americans feel lonely.

What to do when feeling adrift? The remedy is in the ‘do’-ing. Go outside for a walk and marvel at nature. Talk with a neighbor. Send a card. Cultivate your spiritual connection. Phone a friend. Invite someone to join you in an adventure. Do something you’ve been meaning to do for a while, and be open to new possibilities and new connections. Take action and get moving! It will change the energy and how you feel.


Meaning  A sense of meaning guides us forward and gives us a reason to keep going. When we are helping others or supporting a cause we believe in, the energy of the collective can inspire and motivate us.

Knowing that what we’re doing in some way supports the well-being of another person, animal, or the planet, really can improve our mood. And when we show up for someone or something meaningful to us, it shifts our focus away from our own worries and provides a sense of purpose. It can also help us find the inner strength to keep going, even when facing unthinkable circumstances.


Support At first glance ‘support’ may seem a lot like connection. But it’s a bit different. Instead of being outwardly focused and action oriented, it’s an opportunity to be receptive. When we are willing to allow and receive the support we need, we’re also giving others a chance to experience that same feeling of connection that comes from taking action in a meaningful way.

Receiving support can be a radical act of self care, and it’s even more revolutionary if you’re willing to actually ASK for the support you need.

During the next week, I invite you to pay attention to how you respond when someone offers you support in any form. Do you gratefully receive it? Or do you avoid or push it away?

And if you’re feeling daring, I encourage you to also ASK for the support you need. It may take courage and vulnerability to ask, but the potential benefits far outweigh the risks. Be brave! Ask.


Align with the Tenacity of Green + Resilience of Nature

This simple guided meditation will help you connect with the energies of determination, resilience and hope.

Essential oils to support Resilience

Basil, Holy – Also called Tulsi, the gifts of this essential oil are many. When viewed through the lens of cultivating more resilience within you: mind, body, emotions and spirit, Holy Basil is an exceptional choice for creating harmony and supporting multi-level integration.

Cypress, Emerald – This Green Goddess is a messenger of the Nature realms that connects you with your Heart Chakra and cultivates inner strength and resolve. By working with Emerald Cypress, you will connect with the Heart of Nature and the larger cosmos, along with your inner peace and wisdom.

Fir, Balsam – A messenger of Universal Oneness, Balsam Fir is the essential oil to reach for when it seems things have shattered into a million tiny pieces and you don’t know where to begin to put things together again. She will bring clarity and spaciousness and support to all you are and all you do.

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from the difficulties we face.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

~Albert Camus

May your difficulties be few, and may you grow stronger and more resilient with each passing day.

Wishing you the tenacity of Green,


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